What Replacement Monitor
do I need?

I know what you are thinking: "Omni Vision, Help! I have an old dead/dying CRT industrial monitor in my machine and I have no idea what I need to replace it!!!"

It's what we hear from our customers all of the time when looking for a replacement Industrial monitor. Here are 4 things that we would need to know about your existing CRT to build the replacement industrial LCD monitor that fits your machine's application.

What if you don't know any of these things? Well, take a picture of the rear angle of the CRT monitor. It would be best to angle it just like the picture below or straight from the rear. Try to include pictures of the connectors as well. Then email it to us at info@omnivisionusa.com with your name, company and type of machine, along with your issue. I will add that we ONLY REPAIR MONITORS MANUFACTURED BY US.

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