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Industrial LCD Monitor NEMA Mount

GT15Cx-xx Series
(See table below for model number details)
industrial lcd monitor NEMA mount 17 GT front industrial lcd monitor NEMA Mount GT 17 sideIndustrial LCD Monitor NEMA mount Rear View (with pc)
15" Industrial Monitor Model shown with Black Bezel. Stainless Steel and other color Bezels also available. Rear View is Shown with Mini PC
This state of the art microprocessor-controlled color TFT active matrix LCD monitor accepts standard computer interface VGA/SVGA/XGA signals. It automatically expands lower resolution VGA and SVGA formats to full screen XGA resolution of 1024x768. This model fully conforms to EPA Energy Star and VESA DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) power management standards.

15" NEMA Industrial Monitor
Display Specifications:

• Active Matrix - 15" TFT color LCD (383 mm diagonal)
• Viewing Size - 12" X 9.0" (304 x 228 mm)
• Viewing Angle —Horizontal 160 degrees
                      —Vertical 160 degrees
• Max Resolution -1024 x 768 pixels
• Pixel Pitch - 0.297 x 0.297 mm
• Display Color - 16.7 M (dithering) colors
• Brightness - Full white 400 cd/m sq'd (NITS)
• Contrast Ratio -Typically 700:1

15" NEMA Industrial Monitor
General Specifications:

• Light weight industrial metal chassis, either black powder coat or stainless steel.
• Temperature - Operating from -30 to +85 °C, Storage from -30 to +85 °C
• Input connector - High density 15-pin D@ sub connector
• Input signal - Standard VGA, SVGA, or XGA signal
• On Screen Display for user control of Contrast, Brightness, Vertical/Horizontal Position, Color Auto Adjust,    Volume.
• Standard user service buttons on rear panel buttons for Menu, Up, Down, Increase (+), and Decrease (-).
• Optional - front panel mounted user service controls.
• Power input AC, auto ranging 110-264 VAC
• Power consumption - Less than 40 watts
• Agency Compliance - UL, TUV, MPR-II, FCC-B and CE
• Protective panel options include - polycarbonate material or tempered glass
• NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 standard with tempered glass models GT15C4-12 and GT15C4-22
• NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 models available with 5-wire resistive touch screen
• Touch screen offered - 5-wire resistive
• Touch screen interface available to serial RS232 port or USB port for most operating systems
GT 15" Series - 15" TFT color LCD
Prices starting at $605.00
Model Number Description Price
GT15Cx-11 Black Bezel, protective panel, NEMA 4 rated $605.00
GT15Cx-21 Stainless Steel Bezel, protective panel, NEMA 4 rated $615.00
GT15Cx-12 Black Bezel, tempered glass, NEMA 4 rated $605.00
GT15Cx-22 Stainless Steel Bezel, tempered glass, NEMA 4 rated $615.00
Standard - 5-wire resistive touch screen with Hampshire controller w/ RS232 interface
GT15Cx-13 Black Bezel, resistive touch screen , NEMA 4 rated $757.00
GT15Cx-23 Stainless Steel Bezel, resistive touch screen, NEMA 4 rated $767.00
Standard - 5-wire resistive touch screen with Hampshire controller w/ USB interface
GT15Cx-13U Black Bezel, resistive touch screen, NEMA 4/12 rated $782.00
GT15Cx-23U Stainless Steel Bezel, resistive touch screen, NEMA 4/12 rated
Other resistive touch screens available - Price to be determined.
x = 1 for DC version x = 4 for AC version

Industrial Flat Panel Monitor

Drawing 94-420 for GT Series GT15Cx-xx
Industrial NEMA Color LCD Monitors with built-in Computer


The following PDF files may be used for Data Sheet

industrial monitor pdf image

Data Sheet for Industrial NEMA Monitor GT15Cx Series

Industrial Monitor Drawing 94-420

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