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Industrial LCD Monitor- CRT Replacement

12.1" Industrial LCD Replacement Monitor Module to Retrofit
Omni Vision´s 14" Color CRT Monitors
Made In The USA

Model FP12B4GO-xx Series

12.1 inch lcd replacement for 14 inch crt low profile chassis
Omni Vision Industrial Replacement Monitor # FP12B4GO-21 for E144C-21Low Profile Style and FP12B4GO-22 for E144C-22 Mid Profile Style

12.1 inch lcd replacement for 14 inch crt box chassis
Omni Vision Industrial Replacement Monitor # FP12B4GO-32 for E144C-32 Slant Top Enclosed Chassis

This Omni Vision 12.1" Replacement Monitor industrial LCD module drops into applications using Omni Vision industrial 14" open frame, metal chassis color CRT monitors. It is designed to replace the 14" color CRT and it's associated electronics while maintaining high-resolution image requirements of wide-angle viewing and bright light output. This module operates as a standard plug-n-play monitor in an industrial equipment environment.         

Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD Modules for retrofitting Omni Vision E144C-xx series 14" Color CRT Monitors

If your system requires a replacement monitor with the following parameters:
• AC power between 100 and 264 VAC at 50 or 60 Hertz
• AC power interface is standard IEC 320 connector
• Signal inputs of -
    • VGA - horizontal frequency 31.468 kHz, vertical frequency 59.941 Hz
                horizontal frequency 31.468 kHz, vertical frequency 70.087 Hz
    • VESA VGA - horizontal frequency 37.500 kHz, vertical frequency 75 Hz
    • SVGA - horizontal frequency 35.156 kHz, vertical frequency 56.25 Hz
    • VESA SVGA - horizontal frequency 37.879 kHz, vertical frequency 60.317 Hz
    • NEC VGA - horizontal frequency 24.823 kHz, vertical frequency 56.416 Hz
    • CGA - horizontal frequency 15.70 kHz, vertical frequency 59.924 Hz
    • EGA - horizontal frequency 21.851 kHz, vertical frequency 59.701 Hz
• Signal interface is standard analog 15-pin HD "D-sub" connector
• Existing monitor has standard 14" color CRT installed
• CRT needs to fit bezel to match contours
• Need something to match CRT mounting holes

If all these requirements are met, than it's easy to replace the CRT and electronics with this module
• Power down
• Remove signal and power cables
• Remove 14" color CRT
• Remove drive (main board) electronics
• Mount the replacement module into existing CRT mounting holes
• Connect power and signal
• Turn on the power

Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD

• Alternate power requirements and interface connections available
• Alternate signal requirements and interface connections available
     • CGA and EGA signal interface with 9-pin "D-sub" connector
• Alternate mechanical packaging available
     • Complete CRT type open frame chassis available
     • Complete CRT type box chassis available
• Alternate white bezel adapter or no bezel adapter available

Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD

Original 14" color CRT

New 12.1" color LCD

335 mm
310 mm
Usable viewing area
252 x 190 mm

246 x 184.5 mm

Dot pitch
0.28 mm
0.3075 x 0.3075 mm
CRT curvature
575 mm
0 mm (flat)
Max resolution
1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz

800 x 600 @ 60 Hz

Horizontal frequency
31 to 48 kHz
15.7 to 54 kHz
Vertical frequency
50 to 90 Hz
56 to 85 Hz
Brightness (full white)
32 FL (109 nits)
300 nits (87 FL)
Contrast ratio
Not defined

Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD

• Sturdy metal chassis with mounting holes equivalent to 14" color CRT mounting hole pattern
• Plastic bezel with equivalent 14" color CRT radius of curvature
• User service controls of brightness, contrast, auto set up, etc.
• User service controls accessed in rear
• Temperature — Operating from 0 to +55 °C
                     —- Storage from -20 to +65 °C
• Input Signal Connector - 15 pin mini D-sub
• AC Power Range - 90 VAC to 264 VAC (47 Hz to 63 Hz)
• Agency Compliance - UL (UR, cUR) and CB

The following PDF file may be used for printing the Data Sheet
industrial replacement monitors pdf image

Data Sheet for Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD
to retrofit Omni Vision 14" CRT Monitors

Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD Drawing 94-100 for FP12B4GO-22
Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD Drawing 94-101 for FP12B4GO-21
Industrial Replacement Monitor LCD Drawing 94-103 for FP12B4GO-32

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